Applying for a levee permit

The Mississippi Levee Board issues two types of permits:

Permits to Haul are temporary permits issued to allow use of the non-public levee maintenance road and require a bond to be posted with the Levee Board. Permits to Haul are typically issued to loggers or for construction type equipment or any other heavy load that may need to travel the top of the levee. Permits to Haul can be initiated by a telephone call to Mr. Rick Boyd, at the Mississippi Levee Board office at 662-334-4813.

Permits for Facilities are issued for use of the Levee Board’s Right-of-Way for placing structures. This could include fences, gates, cabins, pipelines, telephone and electrical utility lines. Permits for Facilities will require a letter to the Chief Engineer indicating the nature and location of the work and plans showing details of the work so that any impacts to the levee can be prevented. This type of permit will require review by the engineering staff of the Levee Board and may require review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before an actual permit is approved and issued. Cover letters and plans may be submitted to:

Mr. Peter Nimrod, Chief Engineer
Mississippi Levee Board
P.O. Box 637
Greenville, MS 38701